2016 Toyota Supra Changes and Price

2016 Toyota Supra

2016 Toyota Supra has been presented on an Auto Show in Detroit and it is truly stunning and the rumor has it,it will appear on the market in the early 2017

Changes and improvements

It keeps its aggressive look and the Japanese Company has confirmed the new Supra model for the year 2016.When it comes to the exterior design of the new 2016 Toyota Supra , the one thing that will surprise and excite many car enthusiasts is that it will be equipped with a BMW engine of four cylinders. In addition to that surprise, it has also been confirmed by the Toyota people that Supra 2016 will come in a hybrid option. It will guard its significant look with its low body and a rather aerodynamic shape which allows it to cut through air itself. The front lights of the new Supra remind us of eyes of a furious cat or even a tiger.

2016 Toyota Supra front

Engine and performances

 As far as the performance of the new 2016 Toyota Supra is concerned, there will be a lot of different options and also a lot of changes in comparison to its predecessor. If the specifications are correct, the new Supra FT-1 will weigh about 2,900 pounds and will be able to generate up to amazing 518 hp and it is all thanks to a special engine called Gran Turismo 6. With these specs, it will be closer to a Nissan 370Z than to the GT-R model. There is some talk about a racing car, a different version of a sporty Toyota Supra which will be intended for the drivers of Formula.

2016 Toyota Supra rear

2016 Toyota Supra expected price

Even though there is a little information on Toyota Supra available, the pricing is among those things that are mostly discussed. In that manner, there is a possibility that the starting price for the new 2016 Toyota Supra will be around $40,000.

2016 Toyota Supra interior

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