2016 Honda Civic Hybrid Specs

2016 Honda Civic

 The new 2016 Honda Civic is going to be a completely new car,in spite of the rumors that it will only go through a few changes comparing to its predecessor.

Design and changes

It will be produced in North America and the new 2016 Honda Civic will probably be one of the mostly sold models in the following year. It will not be available until the spring of the 2016.It has been worked on the sports features of the new Honda Civic for 2016. Its appearance will be improved and its performance will be significantly upgraded. It will be available in a few different trims and the popular Honda Civic SI trim will be enhanced with new futuristic gadgets. There is word that the new 2016 Honda Civic will come as a hatchback, but nothing has yet been confirmed. However, what is definitely known is that the hatchback will not be available for the SI trim.

2016 Honda Civic interior

2016 Honda Civic engine types

When it comes to the performance of the new 2016 Honda Civic, it is expected that it will have a 1.5L engine, although it is still too early to be anticipating the exact numbers and information. This engine will be able to produce up to 220 hp and along with that combination comes the seven speed transmission. There is a speculation of a 1.5L motor with four cylinders and there is also an option of a 1.8L that might have an impressive 163 hp possibility. There is a speculation about a brand new Honda Civic 2016 Hybrid as there are more and more customers who wish to be Eco friendly. Rumor has it that about 40 vehicles are being built every month in some Northern states such as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut etc. and that the car will be available at first there and then in the other parts of USA.

2016 Honda Civic rear

Expected price

As far as the pricing of the upcoming 2016 Honda Civic is concerned, nothing has yet been announced, but if the past is any indicator it will not be any lower than $30,000.

2016 Honda Civic side

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