2016 Ford Mustang Redesign and Price

2016 Ford Mustang

The new 2016 Ford Mustang will come out somewhere in the middle of the year 2016 and the rumor has it, it will be probably called Ford Mustang Shelby GT350.

2016 Ford Mustang exterior and interior design

When it comes to the exterior design of the new 2016 Ford Mustang (potentially Shelby GT350) it will use the same platform as its predecessor. Even though the new Mustang will carry the name of a ‘Shelby’, it resembles a Boss 302 model more than anything else, for that matter. There is a little information about its look, but it is expected to lose weight and height as well. There is a possibility that it will be available as a convertible and it will keep the modern look it has been going for a few years. When it comes to the interior design, there will be a lot more high-quality materials such as leather and plastics. We can expect a lot of different upgrades and safety improvements in the new Ford Mustang.

2016 Ford Mustang dashboard

Motor types and performances

As far as the performance of the new 2016 Ford Mustang is concerned, there is a possibility of a 5.8L V8 so called ‘’Trinity’’ engine which will probably be able to produce more than 662 hp. There is an automatic and a manual option. There will be a hybrid version and an Eco Boost option as well. There will be four cylinders and the stock of Mustang GT will be able to generate up to 435 hp. There is a possibility that ‘’Recaro’’ seats will be upgraded into it. There are currently some spy photos of  new Ford Mustang available on the internet, but it is still too soon to predict anything. The Ford Company has remained quiet about all the details and they intend to keep it that way because there are a lot of interested and impatient customers.

2016 Ford Mustang front

Expected price of new Ford Mustang

When it comes to the pricing of the new 2016 Ford Mustang, nothing has yet been confirmed, but it is believed that the price won’t be lower than $50,000.

2016 Ford Mustang rear view

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