2016 Ford Explorer Design and Price

2016 Ford Explorer

The brand new 2016 Ford Explorer is in its fifth generation and it has never been better except maybe in 1991 when it was first presented on the market.

Redesign of exterior and interior

When it comes to the exterior design of the new 2016 Ford Explorer, it will have freshly designed headlights and the grille which will also be redesigned and probably more rounded. The tail lights will receive a complete makeover – they will be in a trapezoidal shape. As far as the interior design of the latest Ford Explorer, it will be able to accommodate up to eight passengers. It will have a backup seat which will be able to fold and unfold if needed. Materials of higher quality will be used to cover the seats and the dashboard such as leather and prestigious plastics.

2016 Ford Explorer interior

Types of engine and fuel economy

As far as the performance of the new 2016 Ford Explorer is concerned, there are rumors about a few engine options. The first one could be a Lincoln MKC 2.3L Eco Boost one and the other one is a 2L Eco Boost engine. Whatever engine it might use, the technology will be renewed and updated. There will be some safety systems included such as driver-assist technology and a new infotainment system which will respond to touch. The new Ford Explorer will have a reduced mass and improved fuel economy which immediately suggests better handling. But one should be cautious when handling a turbocharged engine because it isn’t as great as it sounds in theory – it might use up more fuel than we’re expecting from such an SUV.

2016 Ford Explorer front

2016 Ford Explorer release date and expected price

When it comes to the price of the new 2016 Ford Explorer, the starting price

will definitely not be lower than $60,000. The rumor has it that the new model will be presented this year on an auto show in LA. More details will be revealed on 19th of November on an auto show.

2016 Ford Explorer side

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