2016 Acura RDX Changes and Reviews

2016 Acura RDX

2016 Acura RDX will be redesigned as a 2016 model. It is smaller than the usual SUV, but it comes with a lot of changes and it will be a huge success.

2016 Acura RDX design and equipment

It is a classic five passenger seats vehicle.As far as the exterior design is concerned, the new 2016 Acura RDX will receive an improvement of LED lights. The so called ‘daytime running lights’ will be included in the new model and it is a very important feature for car lovers. We can expect a small redesign of the grille, but the whole idea is to keep the significant look. As far as the interior design is concerned, it will be very comfortable and the seats will be made out of leather. The new Acura RDX will have a lot of different gadgets and features that it hadn’t had before. Some of them are heated mirrors, heated seats, keyless entry, 7-speaker sound system, xenon headlights, and an improved and upgraded navigation system etc.

2016 Acura RDX interior

Engine and performances

When it comes to the performance of the new 2016 Acura RDX, even though there were some speculations of two engine options, the truth is that only one will be offered. That one is a 3.5L V6 engine which will be able to produce up to 278 hp and 251 pound feet of torque. The fuel economy ratings are pretty impressive – 34 mph of highway drive which is better for 7 miles per gallon. In addition, we can expect a touch screen of 5 inches in the middle of the dashboard and we can also expect a large cargo capacity. A lot of effort will be put by Honda into an excellent infotainment system.

2016 Acura RDX rear

Expected price and release date

As far as the price of the new 2016 Acura RDX is concerned, there is still no confirmed information about it. However, it will probably be around $35,000. It will probably come out in the spring of 2015.

2016 Acura RDX front



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