2015 Honda CR-Z Redesign and Price

2015 Honda CR-Z

2015 Honda CR-Z is expected to come out in the late 2014 or in the beginning of next year and it will definitely be a breakthrough for the car industry.

Design and equipment

As far as the exterior design is concerned, the new 2015 Honda CR-Z will be completely redesigned and modernized. Its body will be the same size as we are used to from Honda, but the wheelbase will not be as large as before. It has been worked on the aerodynamics, the grille has been improved and completely new headlights have been installed. There are three doors to this beauty and the windows are very spacious. The interior will be equipped with chrome details, a touch screen of 6 inches, a Bluetooth, HFL (Hands Free Link), a navigation system, a few USB ports and so on. The new 2015 Honda CR-Z will have 18-inch wheels, unlike the previous models which had 17-inch ones. There is a hybrid option available for those who wish to be Eco friendly.

2015 Honda CR-Z interior

Types of engine and performance

As far as the performance of the new 2015 Honda CR-Z is concerned, it will have a type R engine of 2L. However, it is speculated that this engine will not suffice, so in order to prevent unsatisfied customers, the Honda Company has developed a new turbo charged 1.5L engine of 4 cylinders. This one will be capable to produce 220 hp which is an even 100 hp more than the current Honda models. This engine will probably come in a combination with a 7-speed transmission. What is highly important, the carbon emissions will be significantly reduced and the mileage will be upgraded.

2015 Honda CR-Z side

2015  Honda CR-Z expected price

The pricing of the new 2015 Honda CR-Z will start from $19,000 and go up to even $30,000. The special addition called the Supercharged kit will be available for purchase for $5,500.

2015 Honda CR-Z rear

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