2015 Ford Bronco Price and Release date

2015 Ford Bronco

The new 2015 Ford Bronco is expected by many to be redesigned and restyled, but to keep its trade mark look.It will be able to conquer all kinds of grounds.

2015 Ford Bronco design and improvements

 What is interesting is that the new 2015 Ford Bronco will recreate a retro look and make older models come alive.As far as the exterior is concerned, it will have bigger wheels and a tougher body. However, it will not let down those who like style. It will have a sleek look and an appearance which will take your breath away. The grille is made of chrome and the new front lights are included. There is a speculation that the new 2015 Ford Bronco will have three powertrains inside of the engine. It is possible that the new Ford will use LED lights and a cargo are which will be a place for the spare tire. It will have 18-inch wheels made of aluminum.

2015 Ford Bronco interior

Types of engine and performances

As far as the performance of the new Ford Bronco is concerned, those three power trains that were mentioned are a 4.5L engine with diesel, a 5L engine with gasoline and a 3.5L EcoBoost one. This is unconfirmed information and there are other options such as a 2L turbo diesel engine which is able to make 128 hp and 244 pound feet of torque. The new Ford Bronco will have a speedometer, an odometer and a compass. These are all very important features, having in mind that the vehicle is made for off-road terrains. Its body is based on the body of a very popular model – F 150.

2015 Ford Bronco rear

Price and competition

The new 2015 Ford Bronco will find competition in Jeep Wrangler and Toyota FJ Cruiser. As far as the pricing is concerned, it will start from $ 26,000 and move up to $ 45,000 depending on the additional features.

2015 Ford Bronco side

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