2015 BMW M3 Changes and Specs

2015 BMW M3

The new 2015 BMW M3 shows us that the M3 has made a comeback and that it looks more exceptional than ever.  A lot of changes have been made in this new model of the BMW family. 

2015 BMW M3 Performances and exterior

Comparing to its predecessor and this newest addition to the BMW family will be introduced alongside with all other details in an 2014 Auto Show in Detroit.In order to improve the performance, the exterior as well as the interior has been changed. Also, aluminum has been used in order to create a new sub frame and to save a few pounds and that has been achieved – it is 176 lighter than the previous model. The new 2015 BMW M3 has a carbon-fiber roof which saves about 11 pounds.  This weight saving has improved the balance and the steering control as well. This has also made a great impact on the aerodynamics of the vehicle and all of its elements work together in order to improve the performance all together.

There are different modes available such as Comfort, Sport and Sport+ and they are all eco-friendly and fuel consuming.

2015 BMW M3 interior

Engine end acceleration

The power of the new 2015 BMW M3 is up from its predecessor in a 3.0L six-cylinder engine with 425 hp and 406 pound feet of torque. It will be able to go from 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds when automatic and in 4.1 when manual, if the BMW company is being completely honest. Also, top speed has been limited to 155 m/h. Two different kinds of wheels will be offered – the 18-inch as well as the 19-inch.

2015 BMW M3 side view

The price of new 2015 BMW M3

The pricing is not yet cleared, and it will be announced later this year, however, there are some speculations about a price of the new 2015 BMW M3 being $ 62,000.

2015 BMW M3 rear view

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